Pertinent Questions

Do you like that person or do you like the attention they give you?

In the same vein are you heart broken because you loved them or because you feel that you are not the kind of person who is broken up with?

What do we do with these people who assign morality to rich people?

And what do we do with those who refuse to analyse privilege and the role in their lives?

Do men even understand how patriarchy affects them?

Why are men so comfortable saying “I know how men are”?

Do the men who understand how patriarchy affects them care? I have been reminded of this video.

This race towards “most woke person“, who asked for it? Also being aware of oppression + knowing the literature behind it =/= being a good, kind, helpful person.

Why is it easier to tell women to lower their standards? Oh wait – I know the answer to this one.

Why is it commonplace to assume women don’t know who they are, what or who they want and must therefore listen to others?

With all the knowledge, why aren’t we getting better?


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