Music I’m Listening To

Before you read this post and catch feelings, read what I wrote yesterday.

Sometimes you can be listening to an album and at the end of it you look around like “is that it?”

You start second guessing yourself and decide to listen again.

That was me after listening to Bensoul’s new album The Lion of Sudah.

TO ME, the album is mid.

The vibe from the album is like he had a vault of songs he had previously recorded, collected a couple of them to make this album.

The track order threw me off as I was listening (from a song about loving someone new to two songs about weed was definitely a weird choice), it is almost like we should listen to the album on shuffle for a better experience.

I find the number of featured artists unnecessarily many. 11 out of 15 tracks have a featured artist. The album should be “Bensoul and Friends” at this point.

It is very mish mashy. And maybe that is the point because truly, it is quite a forgettable album. PERSONALLY, I don’t even feel like there is a song that stood out. And it felt too long which is usually not an issue for me (I enjoyed the length of Okello Max’s album for example which is longer).

Please, for clarity’s sake, I haven’t said anywhere on this post that the album is terrible. I said it was average. Best song is Chizi ft Xenia Manasseh.


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