Kenyans Are Not Resilient, They Are Resigned

Firstly, let me say that anyone who has any hope in politicians implementing policies that will help this country is a fool. When, in the history of ever, has there been a politician in this country who has worked for the good of the country. Isn’t it always about achieving power and maintaining division among the population?

And that is why it easier to focus on the drama, the theatrics and not on policy. Beyond knowing that politicians and government is only concerned with enriching themselves and nonsensical talking points, I do not know what Kenyans think will happen to the country at the rate we are going.

We can lie to ourselves all we want but there is a sense of helplessness in the country. We can feel the decay, it has seeped into the soil. There is a sense of resignation in the air.

How else do you explain how we treat each other? How else do you explain the anger we exhibit on the roads? How else do you explain how we liter and not care about our environment?

If you were to be honest, do you think Kenya is moving ahead? Developing? Are people’s lives better? The only time Kenyans come together is when people from other countries talk negatively about Kenya. We couldn’t even come together to decide on a National Outfit surely.

Sometimes when we talk to each other, it is so obvious how resigned we are. You know that saying “You aren’t living, you are just existing” – that is pretty much how living in Kenya is like. We put our heads in the sand, pretend we are busy, working hard to make sure we aren’t dependent on the government. Oh what a shame this country is despite all the potential.

And it is by design – they (political class) want us to lose hope so that they then can continue to run rampant. We only need to look around this beautiful continent to see countries led to despair on purpose to keep those in the political class in power.

So what do we do?


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