Food, Restaurants and Taste Buds

It seems like every couple of months, Kenyans online (of a certain class) will opine about restaurants of a certain class. (Let us be real, no one is talking about what are considered locals).

I am of the school of thought that if I go to a restaurant and I do not enjoy the experience, it was not for me and I will not go back. There are many restaurants I do not go to because of these decisions I make because I refuse to spend money to be disappointed. I have gone to Nairobi Street Kitchen exactly ONCE.

I wish more people adopted this because when I read some comments it seems that people expect restaurants to change how they do things to their whims. Why is that? (Listen I am not advocating for racism or any illegal behaviour but sometimes how a restaurant cooks with no spice is their way and not for your taste buds). Can you imagine expecting Roadhouse to change how they have made meat to suit your taste buds?

Some of these restaurants that always show up on twitter have clientele who will continue to spend money and that is how the cookie crumbles. Otherwise, the restaurant would close – so in short, you are not the target market.

Also, since I am here, food being Kshs 2,500 does not “fine dining” make. Please.

#PlayKE: A Reprise

In talking about Ayra Starr’s new album, Don Jazzy posted the Top 100 songs in Kenya according to Apple Music and most of the songs are Nigerian. This conversation always comes up, propelled in a myriad of ways and at this point, I feel like it is empty noise.

Before I continue, note that I have written about this very topics two times, click here and here.

It is a structural issue (and greed) and as long as we do not address that, Kenyan musicians will be where they are for years to come. Also, I don’t think lecturing and shaming Kenyans about why they are listening to Nigerian music will do anything more than make them ignore you.

Industry people need to think of something new and different to do otherwise we shall revisit this same topic next year.

Marketing Your Issues

I know I have said it before on this post but the performance of vulnerability by influencers to sell things is harmful.

There is no way one will post a picture on the beach, living it up and in the caption talk about body issues AND THEN sell you a body lotion at the end and think that this is a inspiring. The comments sadden me sometimes because people feel like they should relate to these posts and we in turn become performers – like we have to always be thinking about what issues we have with ourselves and then correlate it to buying this thing that will somehow make our lives better. And the cycle continues.

Inspiration p0rn is annoying.

I know I am simplifying it but I really do think we need to think about how we engage with influencers and their perfomances on social media.