Recent Musings

No one can convince me that most of the jobs we do aren’t “bullshit jobs.” It truly is something to hear someone whose whole personality is the work they do (and by extension the money they make from said job). And by “truly something” I mean that I am bored.

There is a way Kenyan women talk about food that makes it obvious they have a messed up relationship with food and/or have an eating disorder. The ease with which someone will talk about missing meals to lose weight is troubling.

I find it so weird that when I die, my husband’s family has more of a say on the funeral than my own family. It is so weird. Good thing I am being cremated.

The focus on the aesthetic or the way things look is why knickknacks are being sold with fervour. We really don’t need most of these things being sold as “space savers” etc. Like everytime I see someone move their spices to those clear containers my first thought is “unnecessary” followed by “how will they know expiry dates?”

Social media has really convinced people that whatever it is they want to say they can just say it as though it is profound. My brother in Christ, you are a buffoon.


Changing Times AKA Ageing

I passed outside Hurlingham Shopping Center and I saw that the store that was Chopstix restaurant for years is now a liquor store.

I know that Chopstix closed years ago and the space had lay vacant for a while but seeing all the lights and the change made me nostalgic.

There was a dining culture when I was growing up in Nairobi that I remember so fondly and I do not know if I can even write about it well. Back then (the late 80s and 90s), fast food was basically Kenchic/Mcfrys style shops and Wimpy. And growing up as a middle class child in Nairobi, my mother took us out to eat every so often. It was mostly because she felt we needed the exposure that she lacked when she first moved to Nairobi. For example she was adamant that we learn as kids how to use fork and knife and how to order for yourself etc. Yes, she made us order what we wanted as opposed to ordering for us (there is an oft referred tale in my family of how she took us to Toona Tree and I ordered a steak done medium and when I cut into it and saw the red I started crying).

Back to Chopstix – It was one of our favourite restaurants. We would randomly decide to go there for lunch, for dinner and we were assured that the food would not disappoint. And mind you, it was a drive because we would be coming from Thika Road. If we were meeting relatives for lunch, we would somehow end up there. It was the first place/time I saw a Lazy Susan. The sweet and sour sauce was excellent – I remember the waiters being so attentive but also I was child so this could be a skewed view. It is one of those places, even as Nairobi changes and I grow older, I will always remember.

PS: Toona Tree was located at International Casino at Museum Hill (RIP)

A Few of my Favourite Things

You know life is strange because I for sure enjoyed, for the longest time, sharing media that I enjoyed. It was something I did without second thought. And then some things happened which made me second guess whether I was doing entirely way too much. So I stopped doing it as much as I did before.

However, I feel compelled to share a few of the media I enjoyed in 2022.

  • These books
  • This Manga (is the best thing I read) –

Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish)

  • This anime consumed me

Chihayafuru (CONSUMED ME)

And I know I posted a few of the songs I liked but here are more

  • Podcast

The estrangement episodes on Death, Sex and Money were really good