Week 177: Music I’m With You

Everyone saying anything about “today’s R&B” is not being serious because if you are really listening, we are getting good music. It doesn’t need to be popular to be good and I wish that mindset would die. I mean, dvsn has become popular and the music quality has reduced so truly.


Spewing Nonsense

A while back on YouTube, I watched Kimberly Forster unbox a sex toy. And one of the questions she got was whether using a toy makes one numb. It was asked by a lady but I am sure that opinion was likely gotten from a man and messaging in the world.

And it got me wondering, why do we listen to people who don’t know what they are talking about? I have heard and read many men say that using a sex toy makes a woman numb. How do they know? I speak as someone who has had one for a while. And yet. And while I am only one person here is an article on the issue. So why do they speak with such authority?

Honestly nothing amuses me more than people who think explaining their sexism, misogyny somehow makes sense. And that we, who are forced to listen have to listen and adapt (or change).

There are many things that people talk about that I do not engage with or debate. Social media (and especially Twitter) has made people think that whatever opinion they have has to be said out loud and also that those who have come across it HAVE to engage with it. I personally do not have the time though.

Irreverent Thoughts

It is harder in this individualistic world to be kind for the sake of. In most instances people are trying to see how the kind act/word will benefit them PERSONALLY.

It irks me when I see the comment “Love wins” on heterosexual couple posts. Like……..

Most people don’t know what they want. They know what is expected of them though and then convince themselves that that is what they want.

I would support police if they forced people to KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING. (jk)

This isn’t irreverent as such – social media is THE performance. Doesn’t matter what people try to convince themselves about what they are posting – it is a performance.

The Wedding Industrial Complex has really set foot and captured Kenyans, and it still pales to what the Nigerians and South Africans are doing. Also, Kenyan weddings are low key boring because of the unrefined mish mash of white wedding + religion + tribal culture things.

Being Sad Does Not Make You Interesting

Let me tell you her saying she was a preteen in 2014 was shocking but this video is really good and recommended watching.

The comment on the video “suffering has a weird way of convincing us that it’s more real than any other emotion” is so real.

PS: Please don’t reject what is being said because you conflate depression with sadness.

PPS: What is happening in the world is tragic and traumatising – still what is said has merit.