#PlayKE: A Reprise

In talking about Ayra Starr’s new album, Don Jazzy posted the Top 100 songs in Kenya according to Apple Music and most of the songs are Nigerian. This conversation always comes up, propelled in a myriad of ways and at this point, I feel like it is empty noise.

Before I continue, note that I have written about this very topics two times, click here and here.

It is a structural issue (and greed) and as long as we do not address that, Kenyan musicians will be where they are for years to come. Also, I don’t think lecturing and shaming Kenyans about why they are listening to Nigerian music will do anything more than make them ignore you.

Industry people need to think of something new and different to do otherwise we shall revisit this same topic next year.

Week 177: Music I’m With You

Everyone saying anything about “today’s R&B” is not being serious because if you are really listening, we are getting good music. It doesn’t need to be popular to be good and I wish that mindset would die. I mean, dvsn has become popular and the music quality has reduced so truly.