East African Air: A Cautionary Tale

Before I even tell this story please know I would rather walk barefoot to Diani than ever board an East African Air (or it’s parent company Fly 540).

We had a flight to Diani in early September and the day before the flight we got this message

I called them about the refund and they said that it would be processed in 7 to 21 days. My friends, it’s been over one month and I have yet to get my refund.

Mind you I called them and they told me they have started the processing. Also I emailed them and copied customer complaints at KCAA (who responded before even the Airline who have never responded to my many emails).

I decided to go to Twitter to see and imagine my surprise on seeing this


In short, fly East African Air at your own peril


Marketing Your Issues

I know I have said it before on this post but the performance of vulnerability by influencers to sell things is harmful.

There is no way one will post a picture on the beach, living it up and in the caption talk about body issues AND THEN sell you a body lotion at the end and think that this is a inspiring. The comments sadden me sometimes because people feel like they should relate to these posts and we in turn become performers – like we have to always be thinking about what issues we have with ourselves and then correlate it to buying this thing that will somehow make our lives better. And the cycle continues.

Inspiration p0rn is annoying.

I know I am simplifying it but I really do think we need to think about how we engage with influencers and their perfomances on social media.