This Conversation Amuses Me Pt 2

READ this post first because I had to come back to this because I saw the FUNNIEST video ever.

There is a video on YouTube about why women these days arent “marriageable” and it reminded of some things I forgot to write in that post from Monday.

  1. WHAT IS A MAN BRINGING TO A WOMAN’S LIFE? Like why is that never discussed? Why shouldn’t that be the focus? WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING HERE KEVIN? And please remember the science that women partnered to men are the unhappiest and least content. So tell me LEWIS, what you bringing?
  2. These are not the times when marriage was what gave value to a woman’s life and I think men feel like they are owed labour and absolute devotion from women. And that’s a pipe dream.
  3. The thinking that they can shame women into submission and desperation and that ain’t gonna work.
  4. And there is something to be said about the FACT that men listen to OTHER men about what women want (or should want) and that is sus. SUSPICIOUS. But also have to keep reminding myself that men don’t like women as people but rather as sex objects and labourers.
  5. LET ME TELL YOU MAINA, when women stop doing things for and seeking validation from men, it is going to be glorious. Divesting and whatnot because even seeing women file for divorce isn’t something that used to happen and it is happening more. Whew. It will be so glorious. WOW.

Optimists or Idiocy?

Sometimes I listen to Kenyans talk about this country and I am perturbed.

Most of the population are like ostriches. Head in the sand vibes.

Because as this song says, do you see anything to smile about?

We are basically in a choke hold by the political elite and some of you believe that if you become wealthy enough you can protect yourself the issues of this country. Or that if you keep yourself busy enough, you can ignore what is happening in this country?

And then there are some who somehow believe that politicians are leaders.


At this point you must know that politicians want power. They do not want to lead or be leaders. (there is a big difference between being a leader and wanting power).

And it’s abundantly clear they are not interested in that. At all.

A gentle reminder that they don’t care. And never will.

Yeah yeah yeah we know so what is the solution?

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t think we can vote our way to freedom. Every single “revolutionary” person who has been voted in has been swayed by power and the money that comes with it. At this point, they stand for nothing but themselves.

I think we need more civil disobedience. Mass civil disobedience if you will. Strength in numbers kind of thing. Because there is a complacency that these people rely on to continue this path of destruction they are set on. We need to be more courageous because often times we are such cowards.

Let us agree that things are becoming worse and will continue to do so.

And so what’s the plan?

Continue to keep your head in the sand? And what of the future? Your kids will follow the same mantra? Because they will live in a failed state.

Because, as much as you’d like to lie to yourself, you will not be making enough money for you and your family to survive here no matter what you are currently deluding yourself about.

Are you seeing these inflation levels? How do you expect to keep up with the increase in prices?


Things I Want

There are books I want to buy.

I want to buy wax melts and/or essential oils for my warmer because I am enjoying the smell.

I want chenin blanc wine. And I will miss ShopRite because the wine selection was excellent.

I want to be able, for one week, to be at the beach.

I want to be at the beach or near the beach reading the books I want to buy, drinking the wine I love.

If you want to support my cause, buy me coffee or send M-PESA.

Thanks in advance.


Words That Changed My Life

We spend a lot of time online and we come across something that has been written that makes us pause. These are only SOME of the ones I think about often.

This Tweet

And because I was so guilty of this thing, now I check in with myself before I reach out… “Are you bored Ciiku?”

platonic intimacy – Lora Mathis

Your body is the least interesting thing about you.

source: pinterest

(Interchange”body” with “weight”)

I do not know who said this first but yo! it made so much difference in my life.

This tweet

This tweet

Theory is easy, living is hard.” – Kimberly N Foster

This tweet

This made me go into a deep dive into projection and performance.

My Feelings on – “My Love: Six Stories of True Love”

I watched My Love: Six Stories of True Love on Netflix and some things stood out for me.

Not sure there are any spoilers in this.

I am often telling people that Hollywood and books romanticise long term romantic relationships and the best thing about this documentary is that it shows the mundanity of every day life. It depicted it quite well because what we get to see is what these couples on a typical day, which to be honest, is boring but more important than anything is the reality of it. Because you wake up, do what needs to be done and then sleep. Hollywood makes it seem as if these relationships are filled with adventure and excitement but the reality is that majority of the time, it is just mundane things.

There is something to be said or noted about the ages of the women in the heterosexual relationships getting coupled in their late teen years while the men are in their twenties. I mean even the queer relationship had that age difference.

I think a time needs to come where we let go of the narrative that a long lasting relationship is synonymous with a good relationship. True love can exist in relationships that end.

Capitalism is the devil and Poverty is violence. Honestly at the ages of these couples, it was truly something to see them have to do physically demanding work and I was like “it never ends, does it?”

Growing old is a scam

We need to discuss the importance of friendship as people grow older.

It is something I thought about while watching especially the couple in Japan – Coupledom means that sometimes when you want to be alone, you might not be able to because you live with someone and there are other things that must be done within the relationship which supersede the desire to be alone.

Care is so important. Like duty of care.

They Don’t Care About The Children


There are many people I find boring and uninspired and top of the list are those who are anti abortion. Because the truth of the matter is that they do not even, at the base level, care about the children. They just think of themselves as holier than anyone else if they are anti abortion. It is an ego thing to be anti abortion.

Now,I watched this video and it riled me up!!!

And let me tell you…. WHAT THE FUCK was my reaction.

Firstly, the catholic church is just another beast that confounds me. Between the pedophile priests, this documentary and The Keepers which is on Netflix, I can for sure say they beyond criminality of their actions, they really do love and live for money.

Also, it is so clear how religion uses shame to control the world. Because how can you condemn women who are pregnant and unwed in such a manner? Isn’t the greatest commandment love? Where is the love here?

The fact that a children’s home was more concerned about the money they received from the state and from those who came to adopt these kids?????? Capitalism continues to rear its ugly ass head.

The government always sweeps these crimes the church does. I mean, even in The Keepers – the Baltimore leaders did it as well.

You know, as it is said, it takes two to make the children, so why is it the mothers who suffer consequences? The patriarchy continues to do what it does best.

Random Thoughts I Have Had

I’m always amused that, people who find men doing caricatures of women in bad clothes and terrible make up funny, have a lot to say about Elsa Majimbo

Did they update text books to indicate that the government completely killed the pyrethrum industry and that it is no longer a cash crop?

Has anyone else ever wondered whether some of the philosopher’s musings were made when they were drunk?

Some of what people consider to be “growth” is a one way trip to individualism and deepening how capitalism uses individualism to further it’s agenda.

Getting caught up in an anime is one of the best pleasures for me and the fact that I am struggling to do it at this time saddens me.

I sometimes wonder how my life would have shaped up if I pursued a mathematics degree as I once wanted to. Or if I knew of the existence of music ethnography.

Remember chain emails? I think WhatsApp forwards are the replacement. I wish people resisted the urge to forward those things. Self control people.

Finally, An Explanation

Over the weekend, I watched this Lindsey Ellis video

And finally I can explain my relationship to Twitter – if you follow on Insta I spoke about going back recently

(isn’t it dope when someone explains what you are feeling better than you ever will?)

Also, I know that video is hella long and I do not expect y’all to watch it unless you enjoy her – which I do.

And before I continue, please know that I understand that Twitter can do good, illuminating conversations can be had there, jokes and memes and provides specific things for people etc xyz.

This post is about why I, who has been there, done that, WOULD RATHER EAT SAND than do that ever.

1. The part she talks about the person people are angry at each day. Honestly, I think people believe an angry pile on on one person a day is like a personality trait or makes them interesting.

2. No space for nuance

3. Bad faith arguments are rife on twitter especially by those who use personal anecdotes to justify saying nonsensical things.

4. You know that anger you release in a “gotcha” moment? And then you get retweeted and then it is a serotonin boost. I’m not a fan.

5. That thing where people feel they are owed a personal apology for things they don’t even know about. What’s that about?

6. There is a lack of understanding about what “difference of opinion” means.

7. People acting like beacons of wokeness and their personal lives are filled with the absolute opposite. Honestly this is all social media and I get it but yeah I’m including it.

8. Performative outrage. Mob justice. I will not be explaining this.

9. The performance of it all is hilarious to me. Because it’s easy to say Insta is “fake” but come on y’all…. Twitter, same same. You can have a whole different personality on Twitter. As someone aptly said, “Some of you tweet as if you are beautiful”

10. There is a belief that because someone is an expert in one thing, then they are an expert in everything.

11. A lack of empathy.

By the way, this being said – I get most traction on this blog from Twitter and I appreciate y’all. ☺️☺️

White Mediocrity on Netflix

Have you ever watched something on Netflix and been like “What is this?”?

This was me when I watched Dream Home Makeover.

I mean, we have seen the formula many times, a couple doing home makeovers and to be honest, there are many that are absolutely great and entertaining, Chip and Joanna Gaines for example.

However, I have never seen such a bland couple devoid of personality before on a home make over show.

I am truly surprised it was picked up for a second season because

  1. It is cringe worthy in the sense that instead of even talking about the design elements they are actually blabbering. We never get to see why certain decisions were made and whatnot as if they are scared people will steal their ideas.
  2. The couple has no personality outside of an Instagram and pinterest aesthetic.
  3. Their designs lack personality. The end product often looks like a staged house as opposed to a house that people will live in.

Let me not even get started on another show “Virgin River” which is basically Dr Quinn Medicine Woman interspersed with Gilmore Girls redux.

There is too many stories out there for Netflix to be doing this surely.

Choices have Consequences

I am fascinated by people who say choices have consequences and then turn around and unironically also deem that men shouldn’t face consequences for things they CHOOSE to do.

Choices have consequences until a man chooses to steal a woman’s phone information from his place of work and texts her and subsequently loses the job and then somehow that is “too harsh”

Choices have consequences until a man chooses to talk nonsense and then gets called out for it and then somehow “you can’t speak your opinion”

Choices have consequences until a man steps out of his relationship and the partner leaves and then somehow it’s “men are that way” or “persevere”