Questions I’d Like to Know Answers to

Why are people who have never taken a moment to think about why they make decisions they make so……. ugh?

Do we have organisers or just talking heads?

Are y’all aware when you make chronically online takes?

When do we stop talking and hit the streets?

Why do men think that women aren’t beautiful until a man tells them so?

Given everything that is said about Kenyan women by Kenyan men, why do they still seek out women? Like for real if we are that bad, might as well leave us alone, or?

And also, why do so many conversations center men, relationships with men and men? (I know the answer to this but my god find other things to talk about online outside of men please)

Guilty Pleasures aren’t Guilty

I play Two Dots on my phone a lot. Like when I have a random moment I’ll open the app and play until I’m out of lives. It’s the kind of thing that would be considered a guilty pleasure.

Lucky for me, I don’t feel guilt for participating in things that I enjoy but society thinks I shouldn’t be doing. It is what it is and I’m not living this life for people, you know?

Can you imagine feeling guilty for doing things that actually bring you joy because some random person will frown on it?

Honestly sometimes we give people too much power in our lives.

Go out and enjoy all those random things you do.

Grace, Greed and Corruption

The other day I saw this poster

Source: Twitter

And I am glad we agree that thieving and corruption is embedded in the Kenyan DNA and that whoever becomes a politician (I refuse to call them leaders because WHO ARE THEY LEADING?) will steal, are corrupt and in the end only care about their own interest. And the same time, will go to church and even consider themselves followers of the words in the Bible.

Now, the other thing we must agree on is that we are not a Christian country. It is one of the biggest lies we perpetuate and no amount of church going and prayer breakfasts will hide the evil that happens daily in this country. And it needs to be said that some of the evil is perpetuated and condoned by church and Christians.

Greed, that is what is in this country’s DNA.

It amuses and infuriates me when people say that these leaders are anointed. Or when Christians say that only God can judge the corrupt and in the same vein will judge those who choose not to be christians.

And don’t get me started on people in private companies and government institutions who continue the cycle of corruption, whether in procurement or finance etc. And then they will declare how God has been good to them. Hypocrites.

You think that Kshs 2 billion that the president said is stolen daily isn’t also stolen by Christians?

That’s the thing though, Hypocrisy.

  • The same people who say that god will provide a plate for children will judge the poor who ask for assistance saying “why have children you can’t take care of.” How do you reconcile these two statements?
  • They have little regard for the environment. They will build houses on riparian land, they will litter, they will not plant trees, they don’t even concern themselves with environmental issues
  • (I watched the video of that apartment block in Kinoo collapsing and I pondered whether the person building it goes to church – because the likelihood is OBVIOUSLY HIGH.)
  • There is an unkindness Christians have that is caused by feeling that they are superior than anyone else, and it is mostly because they go to church and read the Bible and not because they actually do anything better. The judgement, the lack of concern for people, the world etc
  • They do not hold leaders to task, they take the coward’s way out of “praying about it” – what absolute cowardice. And that is the thing about prayer – if change happens due to something else, christians are quick to say that their prayers were answered. But what happens when nothing changes, if things become worse, like they are in Kenya – then what???
  • Also, let us not forget how materialist and consumed by possessing “worldy things” the church and its people have become.
  • I’m just going to say it, Christianity as practiced in Kenya is hypocritical and performative primarily because it’s mostly about 1. The idea that they deserve to be blessed with material things and 2. The promise of going to heaven because they label themselves christian and go to church as opposed to the idea that they should be doing good deeds on earth.

PS: I know there are about 4,000 religions in the world but I want to make it abundantly clear that this post is about Kenyan Christians and their hypocrisy. Again as per my usual disclaimer this is my ruminations about what I see happening.

Utumishi kwa Wote

If you want to read political writing on the Kenya Police please click on this link here.

This is a post on me ruminating about police.

Due to the construction on Waiyaki Way, I have been using Jogoo Road quite often. And I have been curious how much the police make on bribes because FOR SURE, Lusaka Road and Jogoo Road are over policed and they stop matatus all the time – and we know what that means. BRIBES.

It made me continue to see the intersection between how they speak about over policing in poor areas in the US and how that is the case here.

The truth is that

  • We have been scared to the point that we believe that the police are necessary. The truth is that most of the crime that happens is due to poverty.
  • On top of that, the existence of the police does nothing to deter crime.
  • And let us not forget that the police exist to protect the interest of the rich. That is why even when there are protests over issues that would benefit the lives of police, they still brutalise the protestors. The reality is that it is Utumishi Kwa wenye wako na pesa.
  • There is a reason why the police in Kenya are chosen how they are chosen.
  • There is a reason why police are gleeful when they are tormenting people. It is because of the power they believe they have at that moment. They might have terrible living situation, low salary etc but at that point when they are harassing someone, they feel semblance of control.
  • If there were no traffic police, would Kenyans be reasonable on the road? One might be asking, especially since Matatus becomes a menace when there are no police. This has nothing to do with police and more to do with our culture. As I have said a couple of times, Kenyans are unkind and you can see it on the roads. Capitalism also comes into play here but also we are unkind and unreasonable drivers.