These Two Albums

In my opinion, these two albums have a lot in common:

1. The artists are undeniably vocally talented.

2. The albums were eagerly awaited for and to be honest, had potential.

3. The lyrics to the songs are quite basic. I think we need to embrace other people who can write better songs.

4. The songs aren’t interesting. Melodies, beats, lack of BGVS – Quite monotonous.

5. The albums lack that “I will listen again” value. Replay value is missing. Quite forgettable.

Which albums you ask?

Ethan Muziki’s and Nikita Kering’s.

Now I think they are both playing it safe, the same beats, melodies as their previous bodies of work. I was surprised that Nikita didn’t even have a feature on her album.

Formulaic is the word I’m looking for.

Ethan Muziki specifically needs to try working with other producers because even when he produces for other people they end up sounding like him.