Kenyan Albums That Stay On Rotation

Conversations with people has made me realise that people will listen to an album once, hype it and then NEVER listen to the album again.

To me, that is not a good album.


To me, albums that are considered classics are those with listening value over and over again, pushed boundaries, defines an era, had influence on the people among other things.

And I think we need to push Kenyan artists to move from dropping singles to actually releasing full length projects.

I asked on Instagram what albums people thought would be considered classics (without including compilation albums like Ogopa 1 etc) and got the following responses:

  • Ismarwa – Gidi Gidi Maji Maji
  • Siku Njema – Ukoo Flani
  • Necessary Noize I and II
  • Pulpit kwa Street – Juliani
  • Scratch to Reveal/82 – Just a Band
  • Baisikeli – Valerie Kimani
  • Jeshi ya Katululu – Sewer Sydaa
  • Mtaa Mentality – Juliani
  • Fenamenal – Fena Gitu
  • Twende Twende – Eric Wainaina

And in no particular order, Kenyan albums that I replay over and over.

Some new, some old, ALL VIBES.

  • Winyo – Benga Blues
  • Kevin Samuel Mbugua – Queen of Hearts (I have the actual CD since the music is not on streaming)
  • Jivu – Hayawi Hayawi
  • Kwame Rigii – Cama Wendo
  • Kato Change, SURAJ, Winyo – Sazile EP (Yes it is new. Yes it is 4 songs but I cannot get enough. So So Good)
  • Valerie Kimani – Baisikeli
  • Mutoriah – Dive In
  • Eric Wainaina – Sawa Sawa, Love and Protest
  • Ayrosh – Murasta, Fire EP

If I was to talk about compilations, I’d speak about Waithaka Ent, EA Wave etc

My Top Kenyan Songs 2020

I know you all read the MY in that title.

Now, to make it to this list, it is more than I thought it was a nice/fun/dope jam. It is songs that I went back to and listened to more than ten times.

Because I find, it is easy to say something is the best song but you only listen to it two times and never again.

Waithaka ft Wendy Kay & Jivu – More

I cannot count how many ways I love this song. So good.

Ayrosh – Fire EP

Yes I know it’s technically four songs but please you must listen to all four at the same time so yeah. So good.

Adasa x Benzema – Najikakamua

Her voice? Her voice???

Kemboi – Unanibamba

I really cannot wait for this album.

Trio Mio ft Renata – Niko Busy

Kahu$h x Chris Kaiga – MaStingo

Ayrosh – Nuu (ft Muringi)

Just Imagine Africa – BANGI

This song makes me so happy.

Lisa Oduor-Noah – Jahera

Her voice??? Yum.

Karun – Catch A Vibe


I’ll probably do a “honourable” mention post sometime soon.

Also, If you have been here long enough, there are certain bands/people I don’t listen to for personal reasons so yeah.

Week 34: Music I’m Listening To

If you are new here, click here first.

I don’t remember how I found this song by JIVU (I am referencing Struggle) but my goodness I love it so much. I think it is such an excellent piece of music.

So imagine how I felt when I saw I was late to noticing that they had dropped a project in AUGUST WTF!! (insert squeals here).

And I won’t lie to you guys, I’ve listened to it this whole week. Over and over.

Struggle remains a stand out track for me. But let me shout out “Watasema (Hayawi Hayawi)” and “Nakupenda Bado” and “Amsterdam and Helen

I posted on Instagram and I got some responses which, I mean – if you listen to the project you will hear for yourself.

And that’s that on that folks.

Listen to Hayawi Hayawi on all streaming platforms.