Video Review: Le Band , DJ Curtis – Mood

Listen, I’m just gonna come out and say it, I want these guys to win. I am rooting for them. Whenever I see they have new music out, I hold my breathe and clench my teeth.

And I KNOW…… I get that our market is far from perfect and making a career as an artist is not easy. I get that.

But before I delve further into this, the video for Le Band’s new song – Mood.

I cannot wait for a couple of things:

  1. For vocal coaching for these guys (maybe except Fidel but I mean, it would not hurt).
  2. For a proper video concept plus video directors who ensure that not only do videos have a concept and flow, but that when someone is singing a certain section of the song, that the video pans to them at least once. You would think this is obvious but apparently it is not.
  3. For Kenyan producers to PROPERLY line vocals with the beats. I mean COME ON!! This could have been such a banger….

Anyway, I know these guys are young and I BELIEVE THEY WILL GET BETTER. I really want them to win (and to never have trash lyrics please).


Video Review: Le Band ft Khaligraph Jones – Nakupenda


Ciiku Says:

I am rooting for Le Band with everything in me. I am also hoping they change their name at some point but maybe they like it so much, I don’t know. Anyway, love this song of theirs and even if at times I know I am not the target market for their music, I respect their hustle.

Now onto their video:

If you’ve followed me on twitter you know I think we should stop dancing in our music videos. Rarely is there a Kenyan urban music video where the dancing makes sense. This video is no different. The three ladies dancing are off. Also, the two gents dancing with Fidel are off. I have to say that Fidel does the dancing bit quite well and hats off to him. (please watch this recent video for how dancing works in a music video).

There are little things that need to be done better like wardrobe, make up, editing but I am being  a bit soft on them because they are new-ish in the industry but I do hope that they continue to improve their craft (including vocal coaching).

And let me just say Fidel SHINES in this video. SHINES. Go on ahead, young man.

G Says:

Le Band have been on my radar for a while so it was good news to hear they had a new video out featuring Khaligraph. I was hoping for something different, something unique. What did I get? A rather lacklustre video to be quite honest.

For a song that is all about love, love that is meant to be genuine, a lot of it seems forced and Papa Jones just stands there. And the makeup?? (There is a behind the scenes video and a lot of work seems to have been put in but still, aki, we can try a little more)
Dig the part with Fidel on the street but the dancers are a distraction. The party scene brought back hints of H_art the band and hope Le Band stay original.