MY Top 10 Tedd Josiah Songs

Tedd Josiah was a staple of the music industry back in the day and he produced one of my most favourite Kenyan songs (which features in this list of course). This was initially going to be titled Top 10 Blue Zebra songs since that was the label I associated him with but I found out a lot as I was doing research for this post hence the title I went with.

Also, I think a very detailed profile of this man needs to happen…. he knows a lot and there is definitely something that happened because some of the music he produced is not found online which made this post really hard to do.

Now, onto the list:

Honorable Mention

  • Gidigidi Majimaji – Unbwogable – I mean, it deserves a mention because it is a big song.
  • Hardstone – Uhiki – I know, I know – it should be top 10 BUT this is MY list so yeah, honorable mention.
  • Suzanna Owiyo – Kisumu 100

10. Nameless – Megarider


9. Darlin’ P – 4 in 1

Listen, I had to ask if this song was produced by Tedd Josiah. If you do not know this song, are you Kenyan?

8. Wicky Mosh – Atoti

How many of you do not know this song? Did you know Tedd Josiah produced it?

7. Shaz O Black – Serengeti Groove

This song is not online but you have to believe me when I say it is dope.

6. Necessary Noize – Da Di Da

This album is an iconic Kenyan album for many reasons and this song ranks pretty high for me.

5. Kalamashaka – Tafsiri Hii

4. Suzanna Owiyo – Atieno Sandore

If you have a chance to watch Suzanna Owiyo live, do it! She needs all the flowers, recognition… ALL OF IT!!

3. Hardstone – Msichana Mwafrika


2. Didge – Saa Zingine

Listen, I could put Kita Ngoma because both these songs SLAP. Also this song is probably on my top 20 most favourite Kenyan songs ever (I have no clue why the official video was scrapped from YouTube.)

1. Kalamashaka ft Nikki – Songa Hapa

The skit at the beginning, the rap, the lyrics…. This song is perfect.

“Niwe wako black Julius Caesar”

A motherfucking jam.


Which is your favourite Tedd Josiah song? Did you even know he produced some of these tracks? Tweet me @AskCiiku


MY Top 10 Ogopa Songs

I thought about doing my top 10 songs from different well known Kenyan music producers (record labels??) and to do it justice to do so MOSTLY with the producers in mind.

So this will be a listicle series which only lists songs PRODUCED by these outfits and will include my top 10 Calif Records songs, top 10 Tedd Josiah (Blu Zebra) songs, Mandugu Digital, Homeboyz etc.

Let me know which outfit I should also include and also, your picks in the comments or on twitter 🙂

Please remember, I said songs produced.

Today: Ogopa DJs which anyone could argue started an era of DOPE Kenyan music, one which many are quite nostalgic about.
Special mention – Bageya – Jose Chameleon and Redsan (It is not available on YouTube)

Marya ft Avril – Chokoza Listen, vocally – this song is not good but I am here for the message.

10. Waridi ft K-Rupt – Kweli

A fun song. Check that fashion out WOW!

RIP K-Rupt

9. Redsan – Julie

This was the first Ogopa song I listened to.

8. Longombas – Shika More

I really believe if our market was better, these guys would STILL be a thing. Talent.

7. Tattuu – Teso

A song you can sing along to. A tune. If your Ogopa mix doesn’t include this song, I cannot take you seriously. “Niko na ng’ombe wangu wa kidumedume lazima asukumwe” LYRICS!

6. Kenzo – Mama Milka

I am a Kenzo fan despite his questionable lyrics and subsequent duds. I feel he could do much better if he did songs like this one. This is a bop.

5. Nameless ft Mr. Lenny – Juju

“Nikimuona na shikwa na kifafa”

Please watch this video – A CONCEPT!! Oh Kenyans – where did we go wrong???

4. Amani – Tahidi

What Amani lacks in vocal talent, she more than makes up for in picking catchy songs (Baby Boy is a jam. Don’t argue with me.) A solid debut song.

3. Kleptomaniax – Haree

I was going to go with Tuendelee but I had to be real with myself and accept that Haree is more my thing and Maniac’s anthem?? Whew. Listen. These are such fire songs.

2. E-Sir – Lyrical Tongue Twista

Everyone has their favourite E-Sir and this one is mine.

1. Nameless – Mannerless

Yes, I know I’ve said it often that I cannot stand what Nameless puts out now but best believe this is my jam. Timeless. Classic. A DAMN FAVOURITE!