Music Review: Habida -I Am EP

I happened to hear Habida’s Searching and decided to look up whether she released an album since she went to South Africa. And lo and behold – I found out that she released an EP. The I AM EP has four songs – Searching, Searching (remix), I need that love and finally the titular I am.

If you’ve listened to Searching, I know you will agree with me that it takes you a moment before you realise that it is indeed her singing.

I love everything about the single she chose. Searching is a catchy song, her voice sounds dope, production is excellent and to top it all the lyrics are good. I could easily do without the other two songs in the EP and maybe that is a taste thing although I am is very reminiscent of a song which as I type this I cannot remember. If one of you has listened to it, please let me know.

The cover art is ACE.


Also, it should become more common for Kenyan musicians to have their music across all streaming and selling platforms, much like Habida has done for this EP.


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