Clothes Make The Person

I watched Worn Stories and decluttered my closet this past weekend. And so a post on clothes developed.

Worn Stories for those who haven’t watched is a docuseries on Netflix where “people unpack fascinating and quirky stories around they are most meaningful pieces of clothing“. In the first episode on Community there was a nudist resort that was featured and one of the ladies said something that I thought I agree with in that we use clothing as a disguise of our true selves (episode 4 is a great one if you are curious).

I had wanted to do a closet clean up for a while because I realised that there are clothes I have that I don’t enjoy wearing and I only even purchased because they were expected of me (long story for which I do not have the bandwith).

In addition to this, mother is collecting clothing for mission work she is doing in church so I have been collecting clothes from around me and decided I should do it too.

Do your clothes represent who you are or do they follow fashion trends?

What are you revealing/hiding with your clothes?

Do you have any clothes you hold on to even though you don’t wear them? I do and I have no shame about them. They bring me joy even if I cannot wear them. 🙂


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