Melancholy and a Swelling Heart

Jordan Rakei’s Wildfire has lyrics that makes me feel melancholic:

I hope it gets easier
I hope things get better
I’m hoping for many things
But many things don’t last
No, they don’t last forever

When I get to feeling this way, my heart swells. Do any of you reading this understand what I am talking about?

It is not literal, but I feel my heart get heavy, like it can’t fit in my chest due to being overwhelmed with emotion. After which my eyes feel teary. Not to say that I have tears in my eyes. More like the feeling that the tears are close.

That is what this song does to me. Melancholy.

I am writing this as I listen to Adele’s “All I Ask” another song that has the ability to make me feel this emotion.

I enjoy the feeling that music, and specific songs elicit in me.


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