The Contentment of Being Average

“Be Great”

“Aim Higher”

“You will sleep when you die”

“Black Excellence”

Listen yo!

I am tired.

Years of hearing this nonsense and internalising this has made me realise a couple of things:

I enjoy being average. I cannot stand motivational speakers. I have no desire to distract myself with busyness. I am lazy. Honestly, if I can get by with doing the bare minimum? SIGN ME UP. Not all of us can be great and so please, let me be average in peace.

In addition, I bear no delusions about wealth and attaining it in this capitalist society.

I don’t want to be great. I don’t desire to “do things so that I am remembered.” I don’t want to have these template goals to chase that mean nothing to me. I don’t want to live a life that others think I should be living.

I want to be me. And that me, is average.


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