They Don’t Care About The Children


There are many people I find boring and uninspired and top of the list are those who are anti abortion. Because the truth of the matter is that they do not even, at the base level, care about the children. They just think of themselves as holier than anyone else if they are anti abortion. It is an ego thing to be anti abortion.

Now,I watched this video and it riled me up!!!

And let me tell you…. WHAT THE FUCK was my reaction.

Firstly, the catholic church is just another beast that confounds me. Between the pedophile priests, this documentary and The Keepers which is on Netflix, I can for sure say they beyond criminality of their actions, they really do love and live for money.

Also, it is so clear how religion uses shame to control the world. Because how can you condemn women who are pregnant and unwed in such a manner? Isn’t the greatest commandment love? Where is the love here?

The fact that a children’s home was more concerned about the money they received from the state and from those who came to adopt these kids?????? Capitalism continues to rear its ugly ass head.

The government always sweeps these crimes the church does. I mean, even in The Keepers – the Baltimore leaders did it as well.

You know, as it is said, it takes two to make the children, so why is it the mothers who suffer consequences? The patriarchy continues to do what it does best.


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