My Feelings on – “My Love: Six Stories of True Love”

I watched My Love: Six Stories of True Love on Netflix and some things stood out for me.

Not sure there are any spoilers in this.

I am often telling people that Hollywood and books romanticise long term romantic relationships and the best thing about this documentary is that it shows the mundanity of every day life. It depicted it quite well because what we get to see is what these couples on a typical day, which to be honest, is boring but more important than anything is the reality of it. Because you wake up, do what needs to be done and then sleep. Hollywood makes it seem as if these relationships are filled with adventure and excitement but the reality is that majority of the time, it is just mundane things.

There is something to be said or noted about the ages of the women in the heterosexual relationships getting coupled in their late teen years while the men are in their twenties. I mean even the queer relationship had that age difference.

I think a time needs to come where we let go of the narrative that a long lasting relationship is synonymous with a good relationship. True love can exist in relationships that end.

Capitalism is the devil and Poverty is violence. Honestly at the ages of these couples, it was truly something to see them have to do physically demanding work and I was like “it never ends, does it?”

Growing old is a scam

We need to discuss the importance of friendship as people grow older.

It is something I thought about while watching especially the couple in Japan – Coupledom means that sometimes when you want to be alone, you might not be able to because you live with someone and there are other things that must be done within the relationship which supersede the desire to be alone.

Care is so important. Like duty of care.


4 thoughts on “My Feelings on – “My Love: Six Stories of True Love”

  1. I love how you have summarised this with a lot of care in the words you have used. Yes, Hollywood and romance novels really did do a number on our perception of love and romance and having to unlearn all those notions is cathartic.


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